Defeating violence with prayer – a free talk March 12

We’re sponsoring a free talk by John Quincy Adams, III, CSB on Saturday March 12 at 11:00 a.m. at the State Theater (aka Harlequin Theater) in downtown Olympia. Join us in discussion spiritually-based solutions to violence. Around the world, societies and individuals are grappling with the problem of violence, searching for an alternative. This lecture […]

“The Christmas Message” — a free online lecture Dec. 23

This Christmas, enjoy a Christian Science talk given by Mark Swinney live, online, with the world.  Mark’s brand new talk, “The Christmas Message – The Christ, Connecting Prayer With Healing” explores how the power of God’s love brings inspiration and healing to our lives. Learn more — including web and phone access info — at […]

How Christian Science heals bodies and restores lives – Free talk tonight!

Our originally scheduled speaker for tonight had to cancel, but we’re blessed to have a wonderful replacement in Ginny Luedeman, who will be speaking on a similar topic and covering some of the same ground regarding the relationship between God and health. Ginny has an amazing background, having struggled with instability and abuse in her […]

God and Health – free talk in Olympia Oct. 4

There is a widely recognized relationship between God and Health. But, what is this relationship? You are invited to explore this relationship with Rob Gilbert. During Rob Gilbert’s one hour talk at the Olympia Center, he will share examples of practical spiritual healing. God and health will be discussed as relevant before, during and after […]