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Reading Room Support

Notes from 30 minute zoom chat with Jan Sappenfield and Laurel Sheehan of TMC regarding our RR.

  • RR needs to be well located IN THE THOUGHTS and PRAYERS of ALL OF OUR MEMBERS
  • RR needs to be VISITED REGULARLY in our PRAYERS
  • RR is not separate from church but included as part of our church
  • RR is our missionary work, the door to open CS to our community/world
  • RR is something good that we don’t want to be without
  • Trustees want an “in person” component. Can be either: rented space in community, in the church building, or kiosk specifically for sales. Need spot that is door to community.
  • Trustees do not want “on-line only”
  • Bookmobile can be included as “activity” of RR

Exodus 23:20 “See I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared” I have found this thought so true when making moves in my life and I know this is the truth about our reading room. An angel is preparing just the right place that will be a blessing to us and to the renter involved. I welcome the angel!!

In Miscellany MBE writes “The “secret place” whereof David sang, is unquestionably man’s spiritual state in God’s own image and likeness, even the inner sanctuary of divine Science… in which they put off the human for the divine.” I think we can consider our Reading Room in much the same way. It is our Church’s way of providing a quiet and peaceful place for individual prayer and spiritual growth, thus it is a sanctuary for the community and for anyone seeking to put off the human for the divine.

Now it seems we need to find a new home for our Reading Room, but certainly not for its mission. Let’s all remember the accomplishment of the Reading Room’s mission cannot be limited by a human sense of place. “Place” is a spiritual concept. It is already present and it will unfold.

I love the whole idea of our working for our RR which is part of our church! As we each pray for the protection, progress and demonstration of healing in our church, we are praying for our Reading Room too – it can’t be separated from our church! Just as we cannot be separated from our church or our RR! Those angels are doing a wonderful job of caring for our complete sense of church- which certainly includes our Reading Room!

When we are praying for the Reading Room we can strive for a clearer, higher vision of true church – The Structure of Truth and Love. This can enhance the prosperity and usefulness of the church including the Reading Room. Since God is the one and only Mind nothing can obstruct or oppose his omniaction or omniscience.

What should impel us to regularly visit and frequently pray for the Reading Room? Love – love for God and man that comes from our infinite divine source. Love is universal and all embracing. Love such as this is not confined to family and friends but includes the whole world. MBE tells us the effect of this Love – “Love inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way.”

Looking through some articles on JSH one caught my eye about Good Samaritan qualities. Jesus taught that love is unselfish and he illustrated it in the parable of the Good Samaritan. The basis of the Reading Room is Good Samaritan qualities rather than simply a visible place; and Good Samaritan qualities include unselfed love, compassion, kindness, awareness of others needs and willingness to help meet those needs. When our desire to share the truth is impersonal and unselfish we shall become aware of the opportunities which God provides.

Reading Room Place

A good resource for thinking about a Reading Room’s place is the Journal article “’We’ are our Reading Room” in the March 1984 issue. It points out that physical location is irrelevant if our thought isn’t actively embracing each neighbor in our community as the reflection of Mind. If we’re diligent in this then Truth can’t be hidden “from the quickened sense of the people.” (Science and Health 343).

Sometimes it seems that people pass by the Reading Room without noticing it, or at least not paying attention. But the “quickened sense of the people” means that each one is alive to the spiritual sense of Truth and to the outreach of Love reflected by each church member.

Psalm 40:10 was included in both last week’s and this week’s Responsive Reading. “I have not hid thy righteousness within my heart; I have declared thy faithfulness and thy salvation [S&H 593:20]: I have not concealed thy lovingkindness and thy truth from the great congregation.” That’s our metaphysical work manifested in the Reading Room.

The Reading Room is a spiritual idea that each of us and everyone in the community reflects.

As RR attendants we were asked to study the chapter on Animal Magnetism Unmasked in the textbook. Two of the sentences state, “There is but one attraction, that of Spirit.” And “In reality there is no mortal mind, and consequently no transference of mortal thought and will power.”

Another helpful article is from the July 17, 1976 Sentinel called “Nothing personal.” It has good thoughts about not attaching our work to personal sense in any way.

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