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1 month ago
Black and white? Or brothers? - Christian Science Sentinel

"...I’d been judging him by labeling him as a racist. While I’d thought the problem was just the fact that he had been identifying me incorrectly, I could now see that I had also been ... See more

During his first few weeks at college, this writer found himself in a situation he’d never encountered before: having to live with someone who was pretending he didn’t exist because of the color ... See more

2 months ago
Interfaith Voices: Discovering God's redeeming love; one Christian Scientist's journey

Friends came over the other night and we shared ideas about the Holy Spirit. We don’t go to the same church; nevertheless, our spiritual journeys have taken us all to

2 months ago
Leaning on God stills life’s storms - Christian Science Sentinel

"I saw that my moving back and forth from spiritual reasoning to human arguments was not a path to healing."

#healing #spirituality #Christianity #ChristianHealing #ChristianScience

As a storm broke, and thunder and lightning crashed, a boat bobbed on the water in a sheltered inlet, secure on its mooring, its rope sturdy and well-tied, its buoy anchored and fortified.In my ... See more

2 months ago
Does God hear our prayers? - Christian Science Sentinel

"The calamities that beset human existence do not exist in the reality of God’s spiritual kingdom. God doesn’t make them or ignore them—they simply do not exist in the realm of the real. The ... See more

As we were flying into Philadelphia one stormy night, the pilot announced that we would have to circle the city for an hour before we could land. Moans and muttered grumblings broke out among the ... See more

2 months ago

100 years of spiritual growth and healing!

2 months ago
Easter: how Christ transforms us - Christian Science Sentinel

"The Christ transforms lives, forever rolling away the stone and helping resurrect what was once stale thinking. So how do we continue to progress and participate in our own resurrection?"

#Easter ... See more

Easter ushers in opportunities for a fresh sense of transformation in the landscape of our lives. On the simple level of seasons shifting, bursts of bright yellow daffodils and purple crocuses break ... See more

2 months ago
Gifts from Puget Sound » Mary Baker Eddy Library

A bit of regional Christian Science history!

Find out what church photos and a case of salmon have in common.

2 months ago
Fostering trust in each other - Christian Science Sentinel

"Right where there seems to be an untrustworthy mortal, there is still an inherent trustworthiness within that can be perceived and brought to light. Recognizing this makes for better relationships, ... See more

This past summer, The Christian Science Monitor Daily referenced a Wall Street Journal report indicating that the share of Americans who feel “most people can be trusted” has fallen from 46 ... See more

3 months ago
True womanhood and human progress - Christian Science Sentinel

"The eternal Christ, the spirit of Truth that Jesus manifested, reveals to every receptive heart that woman has never lost any love, justice, or worth. Nothing can rob her of the eternal and ... See more

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, the Christian Science textbook, Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Eternal Truth is changing the universe” (p. 255). Divine Truth, which, in accord with ... See more

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